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Easy Landscaping Projects

The sun is shining and spring is in the air! Oftentimes, people redecorate or remodel the inside of their home more often than they do the exterior. But that doesn't need to be the case. It can be as simple as installing some lighting or a little more time-consuming like...

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Are We In a Housing Bubble?

On the surface, the real estate market is starting to look a lot like it did in 2006, just prior to the housing crash. One of the factors many are pointing to is the availability of mortgage money with low down payment loans. This is causing fear that we’re returning...

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A Guide to Understanding Appraisals

The home appraisal is essentially a value assessment of the home and property and is part of the closing process. Appraisals can be needed when you are purchasing a home and also if you are refinancing your current home. They are conducted by a certified third party and are used...

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School Donation Program

At Arrive Real Estate Group we feel it is important to give back to the communities that we serve. We all have children that attend our local schools and we recognize the need for donations from the community, especially during these challenging times. That is why, this spring, we will...

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Understanding Proposition 19

In November 2020, Californians approved Proposition 19 which will make important changes to the property tax transfer rules for those aged 55 and over as well as parent-child property transfers of primary residences and parent-child transfers of other real property. The new guidelines have now replaced the existing rules of...

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Will the Election Change the Real Estate Market?

Are you thinking about selling your home and are wondering if the Presidential election will have an impact? Or maybe you are thinking about purchasing a home and are hoping prices will come crashing down. Well, regardless of your political views and how you feel about the outcome of the...

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Common Real Estate Terms and What They Really Mean

Every industry has its own list of terms which may be confusing to the everyday person and real estate is no exception. Let's discuss some of the most common to help you feel more at ease as you begin your home buying or selling experience!   Real Estate Agent vs...

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1031 Exchange: What You Need To Know

Clients often ask us about 1031 Exchanges. In the simplest of terms, 1031 Exchanges allow real estate investors to defer their capital gains liability and build wealth by exchanging one property for another of similar kind. If you own a rental property that is worth significantly more today than what...

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Townhouse vs Condo: Which Should You Buy?

Whether it’s your first time buying, you just want to purchase something smaller, or are looking for an investment property, townhouses and condos are both great options. Let's take a look at the differences between the two to help you narrow your search! Condominiums Condominiums are similar to apartments in...

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Fun Ways To Vacation In Your Home

This week we thought it would be fun to partner with our favorite travel planner, Julie Hamilton with Family on The Go Travel, for some fun ideas on how to "vacation" in your home. We hope you enjoy Julie's suggestions!   As many travel plans have changed in 2020, families...

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